Our Coffee

Our beans are specially selected and roasted locally to ensure the best possible flavour. Our coffee is roasted and delivered direct from our roast house with a few days of roasting which allows us to deliver your coffee when the bean is at its optimum freshness. Having this quality and freshness of coffee ensures your customers receive the best tasting and freshest coffee available on the market which makes them come back for more.

Our range of coffee is simple but extensive, satisfying the most discerning palates and tastes. From Brazilian, Guatemalan and Indian beans to Mexican SHG and Ethiopian Djimmah.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an order don’t hesitate to contact us.


Brazilian, Guatemalan and Indian beans roasted to rich ebony. Taking the beans beyond second crack delivers hazelnut and brown sugar aromas, with smooth, smoky and spicy notes on taste. The silky feel is low acidity, while the abiding memory is a pleasant dry finish.


A 100% arabica blend of Brazilian Santos, Mexican SHG, Ethiopian Djimmah delicately roasted delivering an enticing aroma of dark chocolate and hazelnut delivers the comforting taste of blackcurrant and cocoa that ends with a crisp finish.


A blend of Brazilian Santos and Indian cherry lightly roasted to achieve a tangy grapefruit acidity, with a medium body, lingering spice and a smoky finish with hints of dark chocolate.