Copper Black Coffee provides espresso machine rental packages for businesses in East Kilbride and central Scotland. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on a complete care service; everything is included – so there are no hidden costs and you can get on with serving coffee.


Coffee machines are often the heart of a business, but they can also provide the biggest headaches! Renting a machine is a cost effective and stress free option – you have no large purchase cost, no maintenance fees and someone ready to help if things go wrong.


We only supply top of the range Italian espresso machines including Conti, Mazzer and La Marzocco.

All of our equipment includes water filtration to prevent limescale build up.

Our range of catering coffee machines is ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels in East Kilbride and our range of espresso coffee machines that is uniquely flexible, well priced and with service back up and full on-site barista training.

But how does a traditional espresso machine work? A traditional espresso machine works by pumping hot water through the bed of espresso (fine) ground coffee in a ‘group handle’ at a very high pressure of around 9 bar or 150 pounds per square inch in order to extract a very intense and aromatic cup of espresso – this is the basis of the modern speciality coffee drinks line-up.


We offer a range of espresso coffee machines that are ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels in East Kilbride, our range of espresso coffee machines are flexible, well priced and come with free service back up* (terms apply) and full on-site barista training. It is a great help to be able to visit our showroom here in Glasgow as it gives you a far greater understanding of what is on offer and you get to taste some great coffee’s.

We supply the fantastic Conti range of Espresso machines that without doubt offer stunning aesthetics, excellent reliability and superb value, the Conti range has a machine no matter what your requirements, we also offer the extensive and well priced Expobar range of machines.

Our range of professional grinders from Caedo, Fiorenzato and Cuhill allow us to package your espresso machine with the perfect grinder for your demands and budget.

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Commercial Bean to cup coffee machines offer a range of great quality espresso based coffees produced fresh from whole beans at the touch of a button.

They are a great option for offices, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants providing they are cleaned on a regular basis. Many of the models will also offer hot chocolate and hot water to allow tea to be served. Commercial Bean to cup coffee machines can come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small table top machines to large automatic coffee vending machines.

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