Copper Black is a full-service commercial coffee machine specialist, exclusively focusing on the Glasgow region, providing the highest quality of commercial espresso machines to coffee houses, hotels, bars and clubs, as well as bean to cup machines for various office spaces in Glasgow. We can also supply, maintain and service commercial grinders should your business need them.

Our exclusivity in Glasgow allows us to provide a premium level of customer service and support. Most of our coffee machine services can be done on-site, with our standard servicing of espresso machines being completed in under an hour.

In rare cases when espresso machines need repairs done in our workshop, as we are exclusive to Glasgow, we offer a fast turnaround. No need to ship your espresso machine across the UK to have repairs done. We can collect, repair, return and re-install a professionally repaired espresso machine ready to put to work in your business – under full-service warranty.

We understand the critical nature of having all your equipment fully functioning in order to be generating revenue. Downtime is lost revenue, which is why our engineers are fast to respond to all technical problems. Our coffee machine servicing aims to prevent problems arising, but it’s always good to know that should things go wrong, you have a back-up. With our expertise and technical knowledge of all our equipment, we can supply the most reliable coffee machines, service and carry out repairs when needed and… we even offer top of the line Barista training, putting our coffee expertise in the hands of your own staff, into the tremendously tasty cups of coffee poured for your customers.

Contact us for details on: 0141 404 7350

Espresso Machine Boiler Servicing

Commercial espresso machines use a pressurised boiler. Pressure release valves are fitted to ensure that any excess build up of pressure is released. These are wearable parts and need renewed from time to time. As part of our espresso machine boiler servicing, our authorised engineers will test all components of your equipment and conduct a pressure test in line with the PSSR (Pressure System Safety Regulations) 2000. Should any accidents occur or damage to your premises happen as a result of your espresso machine failing, without certification of a pressure test being done, insurance claims can be invalidated.

Copper Black engineers are authorised engineers providing a much-needed safety service to all businesses in Glasgow using a commercial espresso machine.

Coffee Machine Front End Servicing

Our front-end service can be done on-site minimising downtime.

As part of our front-end service, our engineers can:

  • Replace shower plates
  • Head seals
  • Steam wand seals
  • Gaskets
  • Backflush
  • Clean heads
  • Re-calibrate grinders and make any adjustments to the drink settings

All perishable parts on your espresso machine will be inspected and renewed as required. Most commercial coffee machines require a front-end service annually, however, in cases where the machine is under constant heavy use, a more frequent schedule may be appropriate.

Full Service of Commercial Coffee Machines

A full service on commercial coffee machines by Copper Black is suited to older coffee machines, or those that haven’t been sufficiently maintained to keep them operating efficiently.

  • Full de-scale
  • Replacement of all perishable parts
  • Flushing steam wands
  • Cleaning out loose coffee

A full service can take from one week to two weeks depending on the extent of the work involved. The process of our full service is to go through every part of your equipment from top to bottom, inside to outside.

No part is left untouched. Our full service of commercial coffee machines is more suitable to older machines that aren’t performing as good as they used to, or for a coffee house that’s managed to get a good deal on a second-hand commercial coffee machine as our full service can be used to completely refurbish older machines, bringing them back to full working order and reliable revenue driving machines.

Local Call out and Repair services for coffee machines, Glasgow

Our call out and repair services is available to all Glasgow businesses with espresso machines, bean to cup machines or grinders either supplied by us or not. If your equipment malfunctions, don’t delay in contacting us. We can provide a fast, reliable and very often, a first-time fix on-site.

Contact us for details on: 0141 404 7350