Barista Training Glasgow

As specialists in commercial espresso machine and coffee supplies to Glasgow cafés coffee houses, hotels, bars, and clubs, Copper Black offer unrivalled training to our clients either on your own premises or in our fully equipped showroom.

Our espresso machines are of superior grade and available as group 2 or group 3 espresso machines. To ensure your business is able to extract the best qualities from the bean, our training ensures your own baristas have the necessary skills and will be able to master the art of brewing specialty coffees with tremendous taste that keeps customers returning to your venue, and quite possibly, having their very own favourite barista because we’ll equip them with the specialist know-how to brew the perfect coffee like no other venue can.

Copper Black’s exclusive barista training is available to businesses throughout Glasgow. We have over two decades of experience, our own roasting house, flavoursome beans range and a host of specialist commercial coffee equipment including espresso machines, bean to cup and commercial grinders.

With our unapparelled expertise in coffee machines and first-hand experience in roasting our own line of beans to deliver the freshest of beans to Glasgow coffee houses, we’d be doing our clients a disservice by not sharing our knowledge. As such, all our clients get first-hand training on how to get the most out of their new equipment.

Contact us for details on: 0141 404 7350

Additional training is available for new baristas in Glasgow, or group training can be done either at your own premises by our leading experts or from our showroom equipped with the best espresso machines to provide a fun-filled training day where your staff will be transformed into baristas ready to serve up speciality coffees the very next day.

Glasgow Barista Training Course Contents

During a one-day barista training course in Glasgow by Copper Black, we touch on,

  • The history of coffee,
  • The growing, harvesting and bean roasting process
  • Discuss the difference freshness and packaging makes
  • Teach users the how-to on pulling the perfect shots – every time!
  • How to set up and maintain espresso machines each morning to get the best coffee poured for the rest of the day
  • How to make a range of coffees from our espresso machines including mocha, macchiato, latte, flat white, cappuccino, espresso and speciality brews such as a ristretto, which is made with less water.
  • How to adjust the grind,
  • … froth the milk
  • … and get hands on with all the components of our espresso machines so users understand the various parts and adjustments that can be made to create the best coffee drinking experience for your customers.

Copper Black has over 20 years in the coffee industry, mainly in the servicing and supply of high-end commercial grade group 2 and group 3 espresso machines. As an addition to our superior quality equipment and coffee beans, we can transform your business by upgrading your staff’s skills through our first-hand training from our experts who will train your staff to produce the most flavoursome and speciality range of coffees.

From single to group barista training, in-house or at our showroom in Glasgow, our trainers have a knack for teaching the real intricacies involved in getting the most from your espresso machine.

Contact us for details on: 0141 404 7350